Bestial Summoning – The Dark War Continues


19 October 2002 – War Hammer Records

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1-12 = The Dark War Has Begun LP 1992

13-19 = Live In Venray, Dingus 28/6/92

20-25 = Tracks taken from Sodomistic Rituals demo 08/1991 (Not the complete


1. Victory Is Ours

2. Unholy Prison

3. Evil Will Prevail

4. Exorcism Fails

5. Give Me Your Orders v

6. Enjoy Your Death For Satan

7. Summoning The Brothers

8. Countess Of Evil

9. He Dark War Has Begun

10. I Am Home

11. Dwelling Of The Unholy Ghost

12. The Birth Of The Antichrist

13. Evil Power From The Abyss

14. Empire Of Torture

15. Your Pain Is My Lust

16. Take Me Baphomet

17. I Call To Thee

18. Insane God Of Impurity

19. The Secret Of The Pentagram

20. The Sinister Ritual

21. Desecration Of All Holyness

22. Prophecies Of Darkness And Evil

23. Torture Lust

24. The Fall Of The False God Of Heaven

25. Blasphemous Sodomy Of Holy Angels


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