MORTIIS -Soul in a hole (040)


Release date 2005

Label Earache

Genre Ambient, Darkwave, Industrial / Gothic

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1. Intro

2. Broken Skin

3. Way Too Wicked

4. Marshland

5. The Worst In Me

6. Monolith

7. Gibber

8. Decadent and Desperate

9. Parasite God

10. The Loneliest Thing

11. Asthma

12. The Grudge

13. Smell the Witch

14. Mental Maelstrom

15. Le Petite Cochon Sordide

16. Parasite God (Video)

17. Mental Maelstrom (Video)

18. The Grudge (Video)

19. Decadent and Desperate (Video)


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