MONSTERS OF METAL,-Vol. 2: The Ultimate Metal Compilation (093)


Release date- October 19, 2004

Label-Nuclear Blast America

Genre -All Metal

Run Time: 240 minutes

Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

Number of discs: 2

Region: Region 1

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DVD 1:

1. DIMMU BORGIR “Progenies of the great apocalypse”

2. EDGUY “King Of Fools”

3. MNEMIC “Liquid”

4. DEATHSTARS “Syndrome”

5. IN FLAMES “The Quiet Place”

6. PRIMAL FEAR “Metal Is Forever”

7. EKTOMORF “I Know Them”

8. RAUNCHY “Watch Out”

9. RE:AKTOR “Damage Zone”

10. CHILDREN OF BODOM “Sixpounder”

11. KATAKLYSM “As I Slither”

12. SUBWAY TO SALLY “Unsterblich”

13. THERION “To Mega Therion”

14. HAMMERFALL “Always Will Be”

15. NEVERMORE “Enemies Of Reality”

16. IMMORTAL “Grim & Frostbitten Kingdoms”

17. ENTOMBED “Wolverine Blues”


19. TIAMAT “Cain”

20. RHAPSODY “Rain Of A Thousand Flames”

21. ICED EARTH “The Reckoning”

22. NAPALM DEATH “Mass Appeal Madness”

23. SODOM “Silent Is Consent”

24. BENEDICTION “The Grotesque”

DVD 2:

1. CREMATORY “Greed”

2. SOILWORK “Light The Torch”

3. ANTHRAX “Taking The Music Back”

4. FARMER BOYS “Stay Like This Forever”

5. EXODUS “War Is My Shepherd”

6. IN EXTREMO “K=FCss Mich”

7. ORPHANAGE “At The Mountains Of Madness”

8. SINNER “Used To The Truth”

9. HELLOWEEN “If I Could Fly”

10. DESTRUCTION “Desecrators”

11. STRATOVARIUS “I Walk To My Own Song”

12. GRAVEWORM “Awaiting The Shining”

13. SAMAEL “Infra Galaxia”

14. ARCH ENEMY “We Will Rise”

15. SAXON “Killing Ground”

16. HYPOCRISY “Roswell 47”

17. BOLT THROWER “Cenotaph”

18. MESHUGGAH “Transfixion”

19. DARKANE “Chaos Vs. Order”

20. RAGE “Down”

21. DARK TRANQUILLITY “Monochromatic Stains”

22. DISBELIEF “To The Sky”


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