LERAIE …1/2 inch Black Tall UK English77 Cone- Bag of 100 10


100 of the 1/2″ inch Black Cone studs.

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his item is for 100 (One Hundred) of the Tall English77 style cone studs.

Studs are commonly used for leather or denim work and can be applied easily. The prongs on the stud are pushed through the material you are working with, then bent inward to secure the stud. These studs look great for any leathercraft project, like jackets, shoes, belts, handbags, bracelets, or any type of apparel item.

Tall English77 style cone studs have the head shape of a cone. They are created with two prongs used in the application of the stud onto most types of materials.

Stud Description:

diameter/side: 1/2 inch
height: 1/2 inch
color: Black
finish: nickle
base: steel
shape: cone
prongs: two
bag description: 100 to a bag. 


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