HAMMERFALL – One Crimson Night (073)


Release date 2003-01-27

Label Nuclear Blast

Genre Heavy / Power Metal

Running time 01:55:00

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1. Lore Of The Arcane

2. Riders Of The Storm

3. Heeding The Call

4. Stone Cold

5. Hero’s Return

6. Legacy Of Kings

7. Bass Solo: Magnus Rosen

8. At The End Of The Rainbow

9. The Way Of The Warrior

10. The Unforgiving Blade

11. Glory To The Brave

12. Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren

13. Let The Hammer Fall

14. Renegade

15. Steel Meets Steel

16. Crimson Thunder

17. Templars Of Steel

18. Golden Album Award

19. Hearts On Fire

20. HammerFall

Bonus material:

*”On The Road” Documentary

*Extensive photo galleries


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