CARNAL FORGE -Destroy Live (061)


Release date 2004-07-27

Label Century media

Genre Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal

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1. Destroy Life

2. I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)

3. Hand Of Doom

4. Ripped & Torn

5. Who’s Gonna Burn

6. Baptized In Fire

7. Divine Killing Breed Machine

8. Deep Rivers Of Blood

9. Firedemon

10. Welcome To Your Funeral

11. Twisted

12. Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged

13. Totalitarian Torture

14. Everything Dies

15. Born To Hate

16. Chained

17. The Other Side

18. H.B.F. Suicide

19. No Resurrection

20. Too Much Hell Ain’t Enough For Me

21. No resurrection

22. Too much hell ain’t enough for me


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