VOMITUS (USA) - Pulse In The Dirt (Brown & White 2LP)

VOMITUS (USA) - Pulse In The Dirt (Brown & White 2LP)
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  SUTIMOV (demo) 1996
A1 Seal Of The Microcosm  
A2 Society Demise   
A3 Civilies  
A4 Devolve  
A5 Drunk (Part 1)  
A6 Unworship  
A7 Dark Earth  
B1 The Result  
B2 Warscent  
B3 Capitaless  
B4 Famine  
B5 Seesick  
B6 Color My Bones With Wise Crayons  
B7 Archaic Static (Psychol Of The Soul)  
  A Galaxy Of Thought 1997
C1 Blood Tribe: The Oneness Of It All  
C2 Lunar Inhalation (Spell Of Balance)  
C3 Witching (Chaos & Order)  
C4 Caved  
C5 Soulstice  
D1 eldnaC  
D2 Evanesce  
D3 Shadowz A Beginning: Perigee-Apogee (Unknown Unfold)  
D4 Akasha  
D5 The Day All Flagz Died  
D6 Perpetual Introspection: Wounds=Charity  
D7 Kabbalus  
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