NIGHTBRINGER (USA) - Ego Dominus Tuus (Limited Edition 2LP)

NIGHTBRINGER (USA) - Ego Dominus Tuus (Limited Edition 2LP)
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1.  Prayer of Nephal
2.  Et Nox Illumination Mea in Deliciis Meis
3.  Lantern of Eden's Night
4.  Things Which Are Naught
5.  I Am the Gateway
6.  Call of the Exile
7.  Where Fire Never Dreamt of Man
8.  The Witchfires of Tubal Qayin
9.  Salvation Is the Son of Leviathan
10.  The Otherness of Being


EGO DOMINUS TUUS, Limited Edition 2LP

First pressing on Black Heavy Weight double vinyl (300 copies worldwide) 

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