M60 Bullet Strip of 7 - Chrome Tip & Mix Shell (PROG METAL) 024

M60 Bullet Strip of 7 - Chrome Tip & Mix Shell (PROG METAL) 024
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Extra strip of M60 Mix Nickle brass (w/nickel Link) This is a strip of seven extra for your M60 Punk bullet belt. It is intended to add about four inches onto the M60 Mix Brass & Nickle Punk Bullet Belt. It easily clicks into an existing belt to add about four inches to the overall length.Q: I live outside the USA, can I import a Bullet Belt? These items are confusing to some customs officials as to how to handle them. We advise that if you live outside the USA, call your customs officials and ask if it is OK to ship these into your country. Describe them as "costume metal belts" that are often used for theater props and costume work. Make sure they know that these are fake and inert, and in no way are harmful or loaded rounds. They are completely safe as shipping any type of metal object. Please note: We make no claim that these items are legal to ship to your country, we claim that if you order them, you take full reason ability in knowing the laws of your country and that you are telling us that it is safe to ship them. We will not refund any item seized by your countries officials. We have shipped to United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Japan, and New Zea land without incident thus far. Australia requires a permit to ship. We believe that Denmark, Canada and Spain prohibit bullet belts. (Please verify all this information with your customs officials before ordering. We make no claim in knowledge of import laws.)


Strip Description and Specs:
Height: 3 inches. (76.2 mm)
Base: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm)
Color: brass (brass) shell and copper tips

Link:silver  (chrome Link)
Width: approx. 7 bullets per 4 inches.

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