BATHORY (Sweden) - Nordland I & II (2LP Reissue)

BATHORY (Sweden) - Nordland I & II (2LP Reissue)
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A1 Prelude (Instrumental)  
A2 Nordland  
A3 Vinterblot  
A4 Dragons Breath  
A5 Ring Of Gold  
B1 Foreverdark Woods  
B2 Broken Sword  
B3 Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother  
B4 Mother Earth Father Thunder  
B5 Heimfard  
C1 Fanfare (Instrumental)  
C2 Blooded Shore  
C3 Seawolf  
C4 Vinland  
C5 The Land  
D1 Death And Resurrection Of A Northern Son  
D2 The Messenger  
D3 Flash Of The Silverhammer  
D4 The Wheel Of Sun  
D5 Outro
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